Audio – Video – Lighting

Audio, video and lighting are an important part of your next event. Whether it is a special day like a wedding or a commercial event we are here for all of your live events. No event is too big or too small.

Des Moines Based Freelance Services

My audio experience stems primarily from church experience starting out around the age of 13. In 2014 I started working as a freelance sound technician. Since then I have had experience with local theater productions up to B grade national acts.


My first event was Latino Fest in Des Moines, Iowa as a stagehand/monitor engineer. Since then I have worked for other acts such as:

  • America (Monitors)
  • Josh Wilson (Monitors/Fill In Guy)
  • Sharks in the Deep End (FOH)
  • P.O.W (FOH)
  • Brother Trucker (FOH)
  • Brennin (FOH)
  • Ben Goldberg (FOH)
  • Ben de la Cour (FOH)
  • Marquis (FOH)

Iowa Technology Concepts does not own a PA or any professional gear. Don’t let that deter you! We can plug you in with a great company around the Des Moines Area!


My expertise definitely lies in audio and even lighting but amazingly I do carry some video experience:

  • Black Magic ATEM Switcher
  • Basic Camera Operation
  • Projection


Some great acts that I have worked for include:

  • Ratt
  • Feme Fatale
  • Holy White Hounds
  • Billy Bob Thornton and The Boxmasters

More about our AVL services can be found on my personal portfolio.